Steak Night

Steak Night

Every Monday and Tuesday evening.

Choose a steak, garnish and spud, or share a feasting board. The below menu is subject to change.


Choose your steak
Pan fried 32 day aged Belted Galloway Bavette

8oz £12.50

Grilled 34 day aged Aberdeen Angus Fillet tail
10oz £19.75 

Grilled 40 day aged Galloway Sirloin steak

8oz £17.50, 12oz £24.50

Choose a garnish
Port & blue cheese butter, Béarnaise sauce or Red wine sauce

Choose a spud
Chips, Dauphinoise or Mashed potato

All served with green salad

Or try a feasting board for 2–3 people
8oz Bavette, 10oz Fillet and 8oz Sirloin 

All three steaks, garnish and spuds. Bargain!

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(Published on: 01.02.18)